Do You Know Your Roommate?

[mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]Basically, you’re not alone in there. There are two distinct aspects of your inner being. The first is you, the awareness, the witness, the center of your willful intention; and the other is that which you watch. The problem is, the part that you watch never shuts up. If you could get rid of that part, even for a moment, the peace and serenity would be the nicest vacation you ever had. – Michael Singer from The Untethered Soul[/mks_highlight]

Apparently…we’re not alone in our head! Isn’t it crazy to imagine that we have a “roommate” on the loose running around in the “room” that is our mind? I guess it would make sense to probably try to get to know him/her and see what he/she is all about right?

Singer continues: “How would you feel if someone outside really started talking to you the way your inner voice does? How would you relate to a person who opened their mouth to say everything your mental voice says? After a very short period of time, you would tell them to leave and never come back. But when your inner friend continuously speaks up, you don’t ever tell it to leave. No matter how much trouble it causes, you listen.

Now imagine putting up with this your whole life! How long would you really want to deal with a roommate that you don’t know. Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to sit down and try to spend some time getting to know each other and learning to work together? I think we should all spend some time trying to get to know our roommate. Meditation is a good start!



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Written by

Noah Rasheta

Noah Rasheta

Kamas, UT
Having fun living life. Podcast Host | Author | Paramotor Flight Instructor