August 9th, 2023

The website has been moved over from Wordpress to Ghost, a new blogging platform, that will make it easier for me to share written content on the website. This is also the start of a new community subscription platform as we move away from Patreon.

Why are we moving away from Patreon?

Patreon has been a good platform, but it's quite expensive too. Patreon keeps 8% of all the donations and support that I receive for the podcast. That adds up month after month. By switching to Ghost (Ghost keeps 0%) I will be able to use those funds to maintain the costs of the Circle community, website hosting, and other monthly expenses. At the moment, it's costing me approximately $700 a month to maintain the podcast. Making this switch will save me about $300 a month.

July 18th, 2023

I've launched the new Inner Peace Roadmap course. It's currently available within the Circle community space. It can be accessed by the Study Group community members or individuals who pay a one-time price to access the course. You can learn more about the course by clicking here.



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