What does it mean to practice non-attachment? Rather than thinking of non-attachment as not attaching to things, think of it as not allowing things to own you. What things own you? Those are the things you’re attached to. In this episode, I will discuss the concept of non-attachment and I will attempt to make this idea more accessible and easy to understand.

  • Nancy Hoffman Hing

    This one is HUGE for me! it brings me so much anxiety just thinking about it. Unattaching myself to certain people scares me, and my emotions take over, though I know I need to let go. I’m afraid of losing people and that makes me hold on even more which pushes them away. If I could learn and apply this one concept in my life…I would feel a tremendous sense of freedom…it’s so difficult for me though.

  • My wife really likes this site and I just watched the post on “Understanding Non-Attachment” and was very impressed with both the content and the process of delivery. The flow was conversational and had a sufficiently non-technical language that it is now a model for what I hope to do soon. Well done Noah!

    I write on how leading science is supporting the basic tenets of the better Religions (as Jesuis Laplume, or ‘I am the pen’ and a co-creator with the universe, LoL). I am a Christian by choice but not a single thing that Noah bothered me, although I am a bit more open than some.

  • Tony Blakesley

    I enjoyed your podcast on non attachment! It got me thinking about my recent journey into minimalism and letting go of things. You describe not letting things own you as “non attachment” and I couldn’t agree more. I have realized that every physical item has a time requirement to it. From the time you buy it, you must maintain it, clean it, move it, store it, and one day get rid of if. This process of letting things go has been helpful in not only eliminating physical clutter but mental clutter as well.