Stop Trying to Eliminate Suffering

The problem with suffering is the idea we have that we shouldn’t suffer. Suffering is a word that has become synonymous with the core Buddhist teachings of the 4 Noble Truths. What if our understanding of those teachings has been misunderstood because of our views of what it means to suffer? In this episode, I will talk about suffering and unsatisfactoriness and how the latter makes more sense to me in terms of Buddhist practice.

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About the Author
Noah Rasheta is a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, and author, as well as the host of the podcast Secular Buddhism. He teaches mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy online and in workshops all around the world. He works with others to make the world a better place as he studies, embodies, and teaches the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy, integrating Buddhist teachings with modern science, humanism, and humor. He lives in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with his wife and three kids.

One comment on “Stop Trying to Eliminate Suffering

  1. Eugene P McCreary says:

    This podcast obviously owes a great deal to Stephen Batchelor, who elsewhere makes the same point about mistranslation and in another podcast says “Buddhism has demonized suffering.” Besides being a secular buddhist I’m enough of a Taoist to acknowledge that everything arises mutually, so that you cannot understand suffering or unsatisfactoriness without understanding joy or happiness. They are two sides to the same coin, like up and down, hot or cold, life and death. To say that life is suffering is just a simplification. Even the saddest person has moments of joy or happiness. So life is really mixed Anyway, my take on it.

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