"Do not try to use what you learn from Buddhism


use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are." - Dalai Lama

What is Secular Buddhism?

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Buddhism as a way of life…
Buddhism is often referred to as the path of liberation. But liberation from what? From our habitual reactivity and self-inflicted suffering. The aim of Buddhist teachings is to understand the nature of reality, the nature of suffering and to let go of the causes of suffering. The process starts by taking a look at how we see the world. When we understand the way we see things, the way we see things will change. This introspection will give us insight into the nature of our own minds. Rather than trying to change the world (our circumstances), we focus on changing ourselves and in that process the world around us changes.
Noah Rasheta

Noah Rasheta


Noah is the Executive Director of the Foundation for Mindful Living and host of the Secular Buddhism podcast. He teaches mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy online and in workshops all around the world. He continually strives to work with others to make the world a better place as he studies, embodies and teaches the fundamentals of Buddhist philosophy - integrating Buddhist teachings + modern science + humanism + humor. He lives in Kamas, Utah with his wife and 3 kids.