178 – The Four Investigations

This is episode #178. The topic I have in mind for today is the teaching of “The Four Investigations.” This is a teaching that comes from the Yogachara school of Buddhism. According to Yogachara teachings, the key to understanding reality is to understand the mind. There are four investigations we can explore that are intended

177 – 10,000 Heroes

I had the privilege of being interviewed on the 10,000 Heroes Podcast, and I’m excited to share the audio with you. This episode will go a bit more in-depth into the background story of what led me to Buddhist teachings. I hope you enjoy the episode. The original episode is available here: https://pod.link/1565667158/episode/f438b75d2dfc86e40c526270a4cd4975 10,000 Heroes
In this first episode of 2023, I will talk about propensities and our relationship to our propensities. Listen: Transcript:

175 – The Two Truths

What are the two truths? There is the Truth of how things really are, and the truth of how things seem to be. These are sometimes referred to as Absolute truth and Relative truth. Relative truths are always dependent on HOW we perceive them. Listen: Transcript:

174 – Be Whatever you Already Are

A deep sense of unsatisfactoriness arises anytime we want to be other than how we are. It takes skillful effort to BE WHATEVER WE ALREADY ARE. In this episode, I will share my thoughts on the process of befriending our thoughts, emotions, feelings, and ultimately ourselves. “No one to be” “Nothing to do” “Nowhere to

172 – Practicing Acceptance

170 – The Five Remembrances

Secular Buddhism
The 5 remembrances are wake-up calls that help us to see more clearly, the nature of reality. They are wake-up calls that help us to live more intentionally and skillfully.