To Stop List

Do you make/use “To do” lists? If you’re like me, you probably end up not doing many of the items on that list because you get stuck wasting time on other tasks that take away your time and energy. One method to stop spending time on unnecessary distractions is to make a “to stop list” for

The Incredible Power of Routine

One of the most productive practices I’ve developed over the past few years is a daily routine. Countless books and articles will confirm that a routine is extremely beneficial to productivity. It was a difficult thing to adapt to because I have always been a spontaneous, “live in the moment” kind of guy but once
I’ve tried various techniques to be more productive. Some worked for me and others didn’t. Here are 4 simple things that consistently help me to be more productive: 1. Turn off ALL distracting notifications Distractions trick your brain into feeling a sense of “accomplishment” that you really shouldn’t feel until you’ve completed the actual task
1 – Increases immune function (See here and here) 2 – Decreases Pain (see here) 3 – Decreases Inflammation at the Cellular Level (See here and here and here) It Boosts Your HAPPINESS