The Illusion of Certainty

Life is a beautiful thing! Earlier this week, my wife gave birth to our third child, a sweet baby girl that we’ve named Genevieve Adele. Having a child is such an incredible experience. First, there’s the news that we’ve actually created life, we’ve created a human being! Then, there’s the sense of anticipation during the months leading up to the big day to meet this little stranger who’s about to change our lives forever. Finally, the big day arrives and after more intense waiting and surgery, we’re suddenly handed a tiny little person that we’ve never met, and yet somehow, she’s already stolen our hearts. It’s absolutely incredible!! Over the next several hours, we’re trying to decide who she looks like and wondering what she’ll be like. Throughout this whole process, we’ve started to imagine what sports she’ll like, what instruments she’ll play, and what personality she’ll have. The fun thing (and scary thing) is that there is absolutely no certainty of any of the outcomes we’ve imagined for her. While there are hopes, dreams, and desires, [mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]there is no certainty…only the illusion of it[/mks_highlight]. Her future also has the possibility of heartbreak, pain, and suffering. In spite of the certainty of uncertainty, there is such a sense of joy and happiness because what we have right now, is all we have, and nothing more, or nothing less.
I love being completely engaged in the present moment, holding Genevieve and just taking it all in. Because I have two older kids, I’ve learned that this wonderful journey doesn’t stop, it just keeps going. Whether it’s watching them take their first steps or watching them get on the school bus every morning, it’s a journey that’s filled with wonder and with uncertainty.

Because the present moment is all I have, and all things are impermanent and constantly changing, [mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]I will strive to simply enjoy the moment, whatever it is, and to cherish the certainty of uncertainty[/mks_highlight].

Welcome to the world sweet baby girl! You are so loved!!