Month: December 2013

Do You Know Your Roommate?

[mks_highlight color=”#eeee22″]Basically, you’re not alone in there. There are two distinct aspects of your inner being. The first is you, the awareness, the witness, the center of your willful intention; and the other is that which you watch. The problem is, the part that you watch never shuts up. If you could get rid of that part, even for a moment, the peace and serenity would be the nicest vacation you ever had. – Michael Singer from The Untethered Soul[/mks_highlight]

Apparently…we’re not alone in our head! Isn’t it crazy to imagine that we have a “roommate” on the loose running around in the “room” that is our mind? I guess it would make sense to probably try to get to know him/her and see what he/she is all about right?

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Crappy Moments in Life

Most parents have had or will have one of those “poop” stories about their kids. Mine happened tonight. I dropped my son Rajko off at dance with his mom and I came home with my little girl Noelle, it was supposed to be one of our typical daddy daughter Tuesday nights. While I was getting dinner ready I noticed Noelle was kind of squatting and doing a little grunt sound and I knew what she was up to. Read More