Are You Caught in a Numbers Game?

Do you ever get stuck playing the numbers game? What numbers do you use to define others or even worse define yourself? The number in your bank account? The number on the bathroom scale? The number of zeros on your pay stub? The number of social media friends you have? The number of your zip code?

Sometimes it’s hard to not let the numbers define us. It’s too easy to get caught up in the numbers game!

Fortunately, YOU have the power to choose how you perceive others and yourself. We are constantly bombarded with messages from the numbers game. Wealth = A six-figure income, the perfect dress size = X, the ideal house = X square feet. The ideal age for marriage = X.

Stop playing the numbers game!!

The only number you should really care about is ONE. ONE is the only number that matters. You are the ONE. There is only ONE you and there will never be another ONE like you. No other number can ever measure or define you.

Learn to live and express your authentic self and please, please, please forget about all the numbers that never have and never will define you. Remember: You are the ONE!